Social projects

AUT-SERVICES is a project of employment and social inclusion designed from people with autism to people with autism in a independent way. It is a answer to show self-efficacy and professional competences through launching a commercial productive company that is concretely competitive.

Autism is a neurobiological condition that affects two different areas: Communication and stereotype interests.

Difficulties of communication cause dramatic consequences of social interaction on their life like: Marginalization, exclusion, misunderstanding, isolation.

Often, the stereotype interests have a double value, one can be a pathological rigidity another allows to develop a proper talent and iper specialization in the field of competence, getting  excellent results in routine activities, with tireless and constancy . Differently what people think, in the person with autism opinion repeating is a the highest satisfaction to feel. In fact, some of these succeed in their life through their interest, whereas unfortunately lot of these are still living a disadvantaged condition than other. They do not have access to life yet.

AUT-SERVICES want get better their lives.  

From five years Asperger Pride is a Self advocacy organization, it want turn its legal structure in a social democratic company, respecting decisional willing of their members (most of them people with autism), opering in digital field, offering ITC services, operating ICT, services:

 -Software, Hardware, System Testing

-Website, App developing

-Network Security, Index

-Analysis, Program

-Graphic Design  

The King’s College London  has estimated 70% of people with autism were participating to a project of employment in UK have found and held work, had been employed in the admin computing and technical field.

Scientific research has shown the perception of people with autism has differently organized, it “Elaborate and decode the information in a language similar to a computer”, lot of people with autism have a special skill in the digital field because they found it simpler than other.

The 90% of senior managers offered (Kodak, Virgin, BBC, British Airways, Manpower, Xerox)  has been Very Satisfied with client and support.

Auticon, Aspiritech and Specialisterne are example of success in the world. They have most of employed with autism and they operate in the digital field.  Their mission is exploit the talent of people with autism trough their stereotype interest. 

Specialisterne has the 75% of 50+ employed with autism. It has been founded from a person with autism, it has received from Scotland 700.000 euro in the 2012 to open a new venue. It has opened five branches in the world in ten years time. (Uk, Australia, Usa, Canada).

Autism it is not a rare condition:

OMS Has estimated 1/100 cases, 600.000 people. In Italy 44% are in a working age, 80% are Unemployed. In Uk Life time cost of autism is £2.94 million per person

Employing a person with autism increase:


-self esteem


-life quality

-closer life quality

-state profitability

-society life quality


-Selecting and monitoring participants

-Consolidating strategic relationships



-Events participating

-Offering services under test


-Marketing (social, media,etc)

-Events organizing

Project last 12 months and include remuneration of participants. It has divided in 3 steps of 4 months:

1: Consolidating Team (4 people 3 with autism)

2: Adding and training (+2 new people with autism)

3: Adding and training (+2 new people with autism)

(remuneration of people added is proportional to productivity)

4: Go!

Company get aims, through gradual exponential increasing. It trains and include professionally people with autism.