Aspie Kit

In 2016 my company gained 8.000 Euro funding and I have could copyright and edit my first publication Aspie Kit, an educational kit to the schools. It consists of five different units that collect testimonies, insights and educational games and activities for use in the classroom. It guides the user along a gradual path to knowledge and understanding of autistic spectrum conditions. It differs from any other kit because it has been created and produced entirely by people with an autistic spectrum condition. This book has been introduced by a campaign and an event I entirely achieved involving media, press and TV. 

Autism is a phenomenon on the rise. There have been 60,000 cases recently, with around one in every 90 people diagnosed with the condition, without considering the non-diagnosed, family members, professionals other interested parties. It covers a very large catchment area. There is more and more need from those involved in the development of educational systems. It is vital that structures are informed and updated about the issue.