My commitment for the community



Smiling, creative person, very honest and precise hard-worker. Open minded and non judgemental person I work to actively challenge stereotypes on daily basis. Able to achieve projects, developing positive and creative ideas within budget restraints to device and deliver bespoke projects in response to clients identify needs and wishes to achieve full participation and inclusion and projects target differentials. Creative and organised personality. Ambitious and self-determined; fast learner. Experienced designer professional with 8-year background in the fashion and publishing sector. Full knowledge of main applications and programs. Fuent Mac and Windows user. Interested in the offered position.


Very good marketing and visual design & media skills gained through my degree level studies and extensive industrial experience

Computer literate skills (Microsoft Office Word Excel Powerpoint, Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop Illustrator Indesign)

Delivery and development organisational and planning skills gained through my designer background in social and community art projects. Excellent communication and relational skills gained through my experience as project worker. 

Very Good budgeting skills gained through a long background as manager of a social company. 

Good leadership skills currently responsible for a social company of 10 facilitators who support 3.000 members. 

Extreme care and attention to details. 

Very good verbal and excellent written English communication. 

Excellent Knowledge verbal and written Italian communication. 

Good Knowledge verbal and written Spanish communication.

Basic knowledge verbal and written French communication.


Very fast learner, Deadline Reliability, Outstanding Creativity, Able to prioritise, Punctuality, Problem Solver.

Excellent command of office suite. (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)

Ability to create and send good emails, secretary knowledge.

Excellent command of graphic and photo editing software gained through my work experience.

Good command of main web designing software Joomla and WordPress.



Ability to budget appropriately for charities, non governmental organisations and to find the appropriate funding stream to achieve this. Ability to develop and maintain community networks through the experience I gained being an advocate and events organiser.

Ability to relate with social workers, psychologists, journalists, professional figures and stakeholders. Able to communicate effectively and delegate appropriate tasks and duties to the right people.

Strong comprehension of the diversity of mind and ability to use it to facilitate inclusion of people who are disadvantaged.


Independent knowledge of the current legislation about disability gained through my experience as an advocate and my current employment in U.K.

Full knowledge ITC Hardware and software. 

Full knowledge safeguarding adults at risk policies and procedures.

Full knowledge of Equal Opportunities, Diversity, Environmental and related policies.

Knowledge Applied Behaviour Analysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. 


Liceo Artistico Alessandro Caravillani – A – LEVEL – (NVQ3)

Integrative course – Access to the Higher Education

European Design Institute – Media and Design



Ensured independence and new skills towards people with disabilities;

Managed and reported money expenses; 

Supported the tenants in their daily routines and activities; 

Provided support in their hygiene and in their meals; 

Recorded accurate daily logs; 

Kept contacts with the stakeholders; 

Counted and given meds, recording MAR sheet. 


Worked with Aspire to collect oral history to make a short book and film. 

Explored barriers too every day life and the obstacles they face due to social exclusion.

Worked with Chill in the Community CIC helping single mums overcome anxiety and pressures of social and economic exclusion.


Proposed and test methods of accessing services.

Identified and defined what social isolation means to a person with autism and related conditions.

Responded to their needs around social inclusion, to support and access the local community through activities, planning growth strategies and successful projects of employment. Gained 20.000 Euro competition notice just this year.  

Achieved a better understanding between the society and people with autism, through courses and seminars.

Offered social opportunities for people with autism to prevent isolation and marginalisation through a social media group of 3000.

Reduced the social isolation of, and provided social contact for people with autism by social media, TV, radio and web and newspapers. Arranged activities and events. Set up projects to help people with autism overcome the barriers of social inclusion and employment on a daily basis.

Written and translated contents to achieve a monthly newsletter (Mailchimp and Voxmail)

Increased the visibility and active presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook) through daily posts in different fan pages and in the led support group of 3000 members. 

Advised, developed and executed communication campaigns on a variety of subjects;

Produced personally communication material such as banners, leaflets, flyers; organised and promoted at least two events each year creating advertisements and networking with press and media local, national and international.  

Entertained and held effective and positive relationship with with media and press, radio and Tv journalists in the best interest of the cause and the company.


Designed, Copyrighted, published magazines, catalogues. Brand, logos and Visual Identity.

Personalised creating graphic concepts many products such as fabrics, souvenirs and gadgets.

Photo-edited pictures and photos and produced many advertisements and campaigns to sponsor our products. 


Achieved fashion print and fabric textures to personalise differential products, print and embroidery processes, leaflets.

Checked production processes, colours, packaging. Photo editing, publishing, copyrighting. Pagination Catalogues

Brand, logos and Visual Identity.


Disclosed the values and increased the visibility of the NGO in line with their mission and vision.

Organised and promoted local events on their sponsor such as World-Autism-Awareness-Day 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017


Communicated amongst each other and to secretariat and Board on important issues concerning disability

Replied to internal consultations and positions on rights policies or subjects and provide input to the publications

Monitored and contributed to drawing up papers (e.g.position papers, statements) that incorporated a new perspective especially on those relating to employment as the negative consequences of the current employment situation in the EU heavily affect people with disabilities;

Given input to plan and overall goals to make sure the perspective and rights issues were sufficiently and appropriately addressed in policies, communication and working practices

Shared examples and information from different EU Member States on rights.

Represented EDF at technical and/or political meetings on the subject;

Ensured representation of EDF Youth Committee members to the events;

Raised awareness on the participation of persons with disabilities in the organisations of persons with disabilities;

Contributed to improving information and communication targeting people with disability;

Mainstreamed the rights people with disabilities requiring more intensive support in their work;

Prepared work for the adoption of the next Action Plan in line with the Work Programme.


I began my career as a designer. I studied media, marketing and graphic at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy. I then worked in the fashion sector for 8 years. In 2011 I founded an advocacy organisation in my country called Asperger Pride to help and affirm the rights of all the other people with autism. Through a social media led-group I have known and joined many cases and I gave support to thousands of families. The organisation grew beyond my initial expectations and became a social company and my main job. I worked closely with local and National disability organisations, training mentors and volunteers to support the organisation and to build good relationships and networking with the stakeholders. I supported people with disabilities to achieve meaningful and positive relationships with each other and with their peers through a support group of 3000 members, setting up different projects, mapping existing social activities. I have extensive industrial experience in applied psychology and marketing and using these skills I have been able to develop amazing publicity which has grown and benefitted the Charity and the people who it supports. I always ensured that all the courses and activities I produced were matched correctly to the ability of the individuals I was working with. Every activity I carried out was recorded and the findings used to develop further projects and assess need, and secure the funding. I have produced all the visual marketing and articles appropriate the project achievements promoting them via newsletters, web, leaflets, radio and television, social media and word of mouth. In the 2012 I have became an active member of Autism Europe, I spread the communication about them, personally ideating, creating and promoting many successful events and campaigns such as the World-Autism-Awareness-Day 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, always with Autism Europe I attended with an inclusion social project to the 10th International Congress Autism for the thirty years of the NGO in 2013, you can see them on my websites I personally created and designed in WordPress. In the 2013 Autism Europe has proposed me as an applicant to the EDF Youth Committee and I have been selected and I am still a member today. During all these years I actively participated to plan strategies, take part in the main events, study the policies, reply the emails, bring a positive contribute to the EDF group. Particularly in 2016 my employment and inclusion project AUT-Services has been selected from the European Parliament in Strasbourg during the European Youth Event bringing a good visibility to all the Youth Committee. Always in 2016 my company gained 8.000 Euro funding and I have could copyright and edit my first publication Aspie Kit, an educational kit to the schools. It consists of five different units that collect testimonies, insights and educational games and activities for use in the classroom. It guides the user along a gradual path to knowledge and understanding of autistic spectrum conditions. It differs from any other kit because it has been created and produced entirely by people with an autistic spectrum condition. This book has been introduced by a campaign and an event I entirely achieved involving media, press and TV. In 2017 I attracted again the interest of a local TV. A reporter came to the Annual Convention for the Inclusive Growth, in Brussels, this has produced many videos, social media and press materials to promote the EDF commitment in their activities in different countries. In the same year my company gained again 20.000 Euro funding with an empowerment and employment project I am still designing. Currently I have been living and working in England for one whole year. This experience has permitted me to have an excellent knowledge of the language. I am Italian and my parents were from South America so I can speak also Spanish and Italian. I studied French just two years at the secondary school.

I want to use my skills to give a big contribution in the health and social care or in creative media sector,

Further information about my experience can be found in the below links:

General radio and TV appearances

Press Review

2017 Annual Convention for the Inclusive Growth

2015 Aspie Radio (Media Monitoring and Radio Lab participated to young people)

2016 Aspie Kit (Editorial project to inform schools, teachers, students working with)

2016 Aut-Services (Employment and inclusion project has been selected at the European Parliament in Strasbourg during the European Youth Event)

2012-2017 WAAD World Autism Awareness Day – Autistic Pride Day (Celebratory Events)

2012-2014 Asperitivo (Educational playing events)

2013 Asperger Friend (Inclusion project has been selected and presented at the 10th International Congress Autism for the thirty years of Autism Europe.)


REFERENCES References easily available.