Asperger Pride, Work with the community

Asperger Pride is a Charity I founded addressed to people with autism to preserve their human rights.

I began my career as a designer. I studied media, marketing and graphic at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy. I then worked in the fashion sector for 8 years. In 2011 I founded an advocacy organisation in my country called Asperger Pride to help and affirm the rights of all the other people with autism. Through a social media led-group I have known and joined many cases and I gave support to thousands of families. The organisation grew beyond my initial expectations and became a social company and my main job. I worked closely with local and National disability organisations, training mentors and volunteers to support the organisation and to build good relationships and networking with the stakeholders. I supported people with disabilities to achieve meaningful and positive relationships with each other and with their peers through a support group of 3000 members, setting up different projects, mapping existing social activities. I have extensive industrial experience in applied psychology and marketing and using these skills I have been able to develop amazing publicity which has grown and benefitted the Charity and the people who it supports. I always ensured that all the courses and activities I produced were matched correctly to the ability of the individuals I was working with. Every activity I carried out was recorded and the findings used to develop further projects and assess need, and secure the funding. I have produced all the visual marketing and articles appropriate the project achievements promoting them via newsletters, web, leaflets, radio and television, social media and word of mouth. In the 2012 I have became an active member of Autism Europe, I spread the communication about them, personally ideating, creating and promoting many successful events and campaigns such as the World-Autism-Awareness-Day 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, always with Autism Europe I attended with an inclusion social project to the 10th International Congress Autism for the thirty years of the NGO in 2013, you can see them on my websites I personally created and designed in WordPress. In the 2013 Autism Europe has proposed me as an applicant to the EDF Youth Committee and I have been selected and I am still a member today. During all these years I actively participated to plan strategies, take part in the main events, study the policies, reply the emails, bring a positive contribute to the EDF group. Particularly in 2016 my employment and inclusion project AUT-Services has been selected from the European Parliament in Strasbourg during the European Youth Event bringing a good visibility to all the Youth Committee. Always in 2016 within my organisation I was able to fundraise up to 8.000 Euro funding and I could copyright and edit my first publication Aspie Kit, an educational kit to the schools. It consists of five different units that collect testimonies, insights and educational games and activities for use in the classroom. It guides the user along a gradual path to knowledge and understanding of autistic spectrum conditions. It differs from any other kit because it has been created and produced entirely by people with an autistic spectrum condition. This book has been introduced by a campaign and an event I entirely achieved involving media, press and TV. In 2017 I attracted again the interest of a local TV. A reporter came to the Annual Convention for the Inclusive Growth, in Brussels, this has produced many videos, social media and press materials to promote the EDF commitment in their activities in different countries. In the same year my company gained again 20.000 Euro funding with an empowerment and employment project I am still designing.


Further information about my experience can be found clicking on the below picture:

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